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My style hack is the simplest way to feel 10 times sexier & won’t cost you a dime – bonus points for doing my second tip

THE smallest things can make the most dramatic difference. One fashion influencer has shared a style hack that helps her feel sexy and best of all, it’s completely free. 2 Caitlin, a fashion influencer, shared her go-to trick for boosting moraleCredit: TikTok/caitlin_jaymes Caitlin (@caitlin_jaymes) shared […]

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Everyone’s staring at me today, I must look so good,’ I thought – then I looked down and realized, I’m so embarrassed

A SUPER-CONFIDENT woman has maxed out on the embarrassment scale with her epic wardrobe fail. Initially, she figured everyone was staring at her because she looked so good. 3 TikTok user Tyler Tyburski had a revealing moment at the carwashCredit: tiktok/tyler.tyburski 3 She was mortifiedCredit: […]

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I’m a size 16, 5’6’’ and 210 pounds — I couldn’t even pull up last year’s jeans without my viral bodysuit from Amazon

A FASHIONISTA has revealed she can wear last year’s jeans again after trying a viral bodysuit from Amazon. She was amazed after her 5’6″, 210-pound figure looked automatically slimmer after wearing the ensemble. 4 A fashion influencer said she was a size 16, 5’6’’ and […]

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