Founding Fathers on Prayer

David Barton was interviewed about the National Day of Prayer. This interview provides useful historical information that you might be interested in sharing with your friends and neighbors. The four questions David was asked appears below, along with his answers. Why is it important that […]

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Constitution Hub

September 17th might not be as recognized as July 4th but it is equally as important. On that day in 1787, thirty-nine men signed the final draft of newly framed Constitution and sent it to the states for it to be ratified. It took nearly […]

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Ringing of the Liberty Bell

Ringing of the Liberty Bell The Liberty Bell is an iconic part of America’s history. In 1751, on the 50th anniversary of Pennsylvania’s 1701 first charter of liberties the Pennsylvania Assembly ordered a bell from London to be used as part of the commemoration festivities. […]

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Sermon – Military – 1755

Samuel Davies (1724-1761) was licensed to preach in 1746. He moved to Hanover County, VA in 1747 where he became a circuit preacher for seven churches. Davies served as President of Princeton University for eighteen months before his death. (For more sermons by Samuel Davies, […]

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Sermon – Fasting – 1832, MA

Orville Dewey (1794-1882) graduated from Andover theological seminary in 1819. He held jobs as a teacher, a clerk, and an agent for the American education society. Dewey was pastor for the Unitarian Church in New Bedford (1823-1833), the 2nd Unitarian Church of New York (1835-1848), […]

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Barbary Powers

On August 3rd, more than two centuries ago in 1804, America was at war, engaged in the midst of conflict that lasted for more than three decades between Americans and Muslim Islamicists/terrorists, now known as the Barbary Powers War. Five Muslim nations in North Africa […]

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Church in the U.S. Capitol

Many people are surprised to learn that the United States Capitol regularly served as a church building; a practice that began even before Congress officially moved into the building and lasted until well after the Civil War. Below is a brief history of the Capitol’s […]

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Stamp Act Repeal Celebrations

On July 24, 1766 the repeal of the Stamp Act was celebrated in Massachusetts. Parliament imposed this tax upon the American colonists in 1765 which required that published materials be printed only on paper embossed with a royal stamp. Since America had no elected representatives in the British Parliament, they viewed this as a […]

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Apollo Moonwalkers

On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first person to walk on the moon, followed shortly thereafter by his fellow Apollo 11 crew member Buzz Aldrin. This astounding event was viewed by an estimated 650 million people–which at that time was the largest television […]

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Take Action on ESG

What is ESG? The term “ESG” has become more prominent in the past few months. The “E” stands for energy, “S” for social (think of social woke causes and ideologies), and the “G” for governance (such as corporate diversity quotas). A global coalition of corporations, […]

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Fathers & Education

Let’s take a look at some of the men in America’s history–including our Founders, most of whom were fathers. Their writings reveal that they believed a knowledge of and reliance on the Scriptures was an important part of being a father. In fact, a young […]

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