What Hath God Wrought

On May 24, 1844, a seismic breakthrough occurred: the first telegraphic message was transmitted between cities. People in two separate and distant geographic locations could instantly communicate with each other! What was that first message? It was a Bible verse: Numbers 23:23 “What hath God […]

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Women Heroes

Courageous Women During the American Revolution March is Women’s History Month, but the contributions of women to the Revolution are often neglected today. Many women demonstrated exemplary courage during this time. Here are a few examples. In April, 1777, a large British force arrived in […]

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Sermon – Thanksgiving – 1815

John Lathrop (1740-1816) Biography: John Lathrop, also spelled Lothrop, was born in Norwich, Connecticut. He graduated from Princeton in 1763 and began working as an assistant teacher with the Rev. Dr. Eleazar Wheelock of Lebanon, Connecticut, at Moor’s Indian Charity School. He studied theology under […]

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Pastors Lead the Charge

March 17 is annually celebrated in Boston as “Evacuation Day,” commemorating the departure of the British from the city after an extended eleven month occupation at the start of the American War for Independence. That occupation lasted from April 19, 1775, through March 17, 1776, […]

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Uniform Commercial Code

WallBuilders’ Pro-Family Legislative Network was recently alerted by legislators in multiple states to a very troubling section introduced into the newly proposed Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) now working its way through 22+ states this legislative session and likely to be introduced in all 50 states. […]

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Sam Houston

March 2 is the birthday of Sam Houston. Considered a Texas hero, he is also an American hero as well. In the years leading up to the Civil War, Houston was a U. S. Senator, and the most controversial issue of his day was slavery. […]

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Women Who Shaped History

This month is Women’s History month — an excellent time to remember and celebrate some historically important women.Abigail AdamsThough her poor health kept her from receiving a formal education, Abigail rose above this, teaching herself to master several areas of study, including even learning a foreign […]

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