I discovered Hugh Hefner’s ring – it turned out to be worth $22k after a hidden compartment revealed a NSFW secret

AT first glance, it looked like a normal ring. Auctioneer Martin Nolan, the founder of Julien’s Auctions, has seen countless fascinating artifacts over the years belonging to some of the biggest superstars in history. 5 Hefner’s 14-karat gold ring containing a secret Viagra pill was […]

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New Documentary Explores The Moment In Abraham Lincoln’s Political Rise That Changed American History Forever

In a new documentary about the Lincoln-Douglas debates of 1858 titled “Right Makes Might,” produced by Madison McQueen Films and distributed by the faith and family-focused Exploration Films, viewers are challenged to ponder the philosophical questions surrounding Abraham Lincoln’s rise to political prominence. The film […]

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Jennifer Coolidge looks unrecognizable with major hair transformation for upcoming movie role makeover in new photos

GOLDEN Globe winner Jennifer Coolidge has taken on a drastically different look for her upcoming movie role. For the upcoming Netflix comedy film, We Have a Ghost, Jennifer’s, 61, signature blonde tresses were transformed into bouffant brunette curls. 5 Jennifer Coolidge altered herself drastically for […]

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Psychological Thriller ‘The Wonder’ Is A Depressing Rejection Of Both Religion And Reality

Although atheists like to claim the mantel of facts and logic, most of their arguments are made through emotion-driven narratives about their superior intelligence and virtue over the narrow-minded religious community. This narrative is exemplified in Netflix’s new period drama and psychological thriller, “The Wonder,” […]

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