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I’m a primary school teacher – I showed my transformation to ‘gym rat mode’ and people want to come work with me

AN AUSTRALIAN teacher is smashing it in the transformation stakes. She’s created such an impact that followers are begging to be her teacher’s assistant. 4 TikToker Jamie Pearson is smashing teacher transition modeCredit: TikTok 4 Her followers love watching her journey as a teacherCredit: TikTok […]

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I’m a hot gym girl, people say I make them ‘question their sexuality’ with my glute workouts

A GYM girl has people questioning their sexuality after sharing her glute workouts. Korpo (@korpobrownskin), a fitness influencer, shared her workout routine in a video with over 650,000 TikTok followers. 2 Korpo, a fitness influencer, shared her glute workout that had people ‘questioning their sexuality’Credit: […]

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Khloe Kardashian sparks concern after she claims she’s ‘dying’ from ‘torture’ workout as fans think she’s ‘gone too far’

KHLOE Kardashian has sparked concern after she claimed to be “dying” from a torturous workout. Fans have continued to voice their concerns regarding the Hulu star’s drastic weight loss as many think she’s gone too far. Instagram Khloe Kardashian sparked concern Monday after she claimed […]

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