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Yes, We Do Need Songs Like Jason Aldean’s

National Review Editor-at-Large Kathryn Jean Lopez is criticizing country singer Jason Aldean for his new hit about small-town Americans defending themselves against left-wing violence and chaos, saying “we don’t need songs” like that. Lopez accuses Aldean of unnecessarily promoting “anger and violence,” encouraging him to instead focus […]

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WaPo Fact-Checker Who Reported On Influential Jewish Donor Now Says It’s Antisemitic

Is Glenn Kessler, The Washington Post’s chief fact-checker, antisemitic? By his own standards, yes. He’s also a “fact-checker” who routinely needs fact-checking. On Saturday, the Post’s fact-checker-in-chief smeared Republican claims tying the Manhattan district attorney behind former President Donald Trump’s prosecution to billionaire financier George […]

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