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Meet The Tax-Exempt ‘Charity’ Secretly Bankrolling Democrats’ Get-Out-The-Vote Operations

A left-wing, tax-exempt charity styling itself as “nonpartisan” is secretly funding Democrat-favorable voter registration efforts in key battleground states across the country, according to a new report. Published by the Capital Research Center (CRC) on Tuesday, the report details how the Voter Registration Project (VRP) […]

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Senate Republicans Demand Biden Forfeit Info Over His Attempt To Federally Interfere In U.S. Elections

Senate Republicans are demanding President Joe Biden hand over documents related to his March 2021 executive order directing federal agencies to interfere in state and local elections. On Wednesday, 13 Senate Republicans sent a letter to Biden requesting his administration forfeit documents related to Executive […]

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Here’s Where GOP Election Officials Stand On Their State’s Ties To A Leftist-Controlled Voter Roll ‘Maintenance’ Group

Since Missouri, Florida, and West Virginia’s recent withdrawal from the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) — a widely used voter-roll management group with ties to left-wing activists — last week, America’s legacy media have been in freak-out mode. In uniform fashion, leftist outlets have labeled […]

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If Biden’s Federal Elections Takeover Is ‘Free And Fair,’ Why Are The Plans Completely Redacted?

After several executive agencies in the Biden administration were sued for refusing to comply with Freedom of Information Act requests from conservative advocacy group Citizens United over the White House’s attempt to federalize elections, the Department of the Interior’s (DOI) Bureau of Indian Affairs finally […]

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