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Ukraine war latest: Vladimir Putin’s forces ARREST over 2,000 protestors as desperate Russians flee brutal conscription

MoD provides latest update on the war in Ukraine The British Ministry of Defence has given some further insights into the current state of play in Ukraine. The statement reads: “On 21 September 2022, high-profile Russian nationalist Duma member Aleksandr Khinstein called for the partial […]

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Putin hastily testing ‘mysterious flying Chernobyl nuclear missile’ with unlimited range as he threatens to nuke West

PUTIN is rushing through the testing of his deadly “mystery hypersonic nuclear missile” with an UNLIMITED range, according to chilling new satellite images. The Burevestnik nuclear-powered cruise missile, dubbed a “flying Chernobyl” by experts, was reportedly spotted this month at a testing site in a remote area […]

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Vladimir Putin news LATEST: Zelensky demands ‘PUNISHMENT’ & calls for Russia to lose UN veto as Truss slams nuke threats

Joe Biden Addresses the UN Joe Biden has slammed Putin’s “brutal” and “needless” war in Ukraine today, as he addressed the UN general assembly. “This war is about extinguishing Ukraine’s right to exist as a state, plain and simple, and Ukraine’s right to exist as […]

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Ukraine news LATEST: Evil Vladimir Putin ramping up attacks on CIVILIANS as tyrant ‘failing on all military objectives’

VLADIMIR Putin is ramping up attacks against civilians as he loses grip on his bloody invasion of Ukraine, according to intelligence chiefs. The Ministry of Defence released a statement detailing Putin’s aggressive change in the pattern of missile strikes on Ukrainians. It is reported that […]

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Ukraine news LIVE: Vladimir Putin says US has ‘crossed red line’ & DEMANDS West stop sending weapons in chilling message

Ukraine’s counteroffensive ‘major turning point’ ambassador claims The success of Ukraine’s counteroffensive in Kharkiv marks a “major turning point” in their struggle against Russia, it has been claimed. Ukraine’s Ambassador to the US Oksana Markarova has said these victories give Ukraine momentum in their fight to […]

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Ukrainian ‘traitor’ MP ‘assassinated’ alongside wife whose throat was slit by ‘hit squad’ in ‘6th killing by saboteurs’

A UKRAINIAN MP branded a ‘traitor’ for switching sides to back the Russian invaders has been assassinated. Oleksiy Kovalyov, 33, was blasted with a pump action shotgun alongside his wife, who was stabbed to death, becoming the sixth Ukrainian accused of collaborating to be assassinated […]

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Putin’s troops tell Ukrainian workers at Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant to ‘take holiday’ sparking nuke disaster fears

VLADIMIR Putin’s troops have told workers at Europe’s biggest nuclear plant to “take holiday” – sparking fears of a nuke disaster. The Zaporizhzhia  plant has been in the hands of Putin‘s forces since the early stages of the Ukraine war, with the world staring down the barrel of another […]

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Ukraine news LATEST: Madman Vladimir Putin’s failing invasion ‘unlikely to succeed’ after ‘significant’ losses says UK

Britain says sanctions also impact Russia’s defense sector  The European Union’s full ban on Russian coal imports kicked in on Thursday at a time when British defense intelligence said that Western sanctions were increasingly having an impact, even on Russia’s defense exports. Britain said that […]

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Ukraine news LATEST – Hellbent Vladimir Putin ‘planning deadly new assault’ as Russian forces gather in south

BRITISH Defence Intelligence claims Putin has brutally sacked “at least six” top commanders, with Russian losses continuing to grow. The Ministry of Defence’s statement said a slew of commanders have been dismissed as Putin rages at their failures. Specifically, the report claims: “The poor performance […]

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Ukraine-Russia news: Madman Vladimir Putin ‘recruiting convicts for frontline’ as army suffers ‘incredibly high’ deaths

VLADIMIR Putin is recruiting lags from Russian jails to join his army after suffering “incredibly high” fatalities and casualties. Last month, it was reported how Russia has lost nearly a third of its army’s strength since invading Ukraine, according to the UK’s Chief of the […]

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Ukraine-Russia news: Vladimir Putin under pressure as Russia faces crippling economic MELTDOWN & army losses pass 40,000

Evil Putin wants to ‘DESTROY Ukraine’ & take ‘revenge on Zelensky’ VLADIMIR Putin’s main ambition is to “destroy Ukraine” and exact revenge on the nation’s brave leader, an exiled oligarch has claimed. On Sunday the unhinged Russian dictator signed a new naval doctrine that sets an agenda for crucial […]

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Ukraine news latest: Putin’s chilling threat to US as he warns 7,000mph doomsday missiles can crush all Russian enemies

Putin’s top official rushed to hospital in ‘suspected poisoning’ A Vladimir Putin official has been rushed to hospital in a “suspected poisoning” months after fleeing Russia in protest over the war in Ukraine. Anatoly Chubais was put into intensive care after complaining about numbness in […]

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Ukraine-Russia war latest: Evil Putin’s sick ‘hunger plan’ to see MILLIONS starve as despot wages ‘war against Europe’

VLADIMIR PUTIN will unleash a “hunger plan” during which tens of millions of people could suffer from starvation, an expert claims. Levin Professor of History at Yale, Timothy Snyder, believes Russian leader Putin has already begun executing a “hunger politics” plan similar to that of […]

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