Why Humans Gawk At The Idea Of A King

I imagine that most of the English-speaking world watched at least sections of the coronation ceremony of King Charles III last weekend at Westminster Abbey. I took in the delayed broadcast on YouTube and found it fascinating for a number of reasons. Perhaps this shouldn’t […]

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Psychological Thriller ‘The Wonder’ Is A Depressing Rejection Of Both Religion And Reality

Although atheists like to claim the mantel of facts and logic, most of their arguments are made through emotion-driven narratives about their superior intelligence and virtue over the narrow-minded religious community. This narrative is exemplified in Netflix’s new period drama and psychological thriller, “The Wonder,” […]

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Don’t Give Up On Conservatism

This is a strange time for conservatives to despair of conservatism. We just won a generational legal victory by overturning Roe v. Wade, and abortion facilities are closing in state after state. Republicans are poised for electoral triumph in the midterms, and the Supreme Court […]

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