Why The Supreme Court Is Unlikely To Fix The Section 230 Immunity Mess — Yet

Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act grants limited immunity to providers of “interactive computer services,” but for nearly two decades, lower courts have ignored the plain language of that federal statute, providing instead the sweeping immunity Big Tech hides behind to censor conservative speech. […]

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I found dozens of Google Chrome ‘secrets’ that were hiding in plain sight – and they’re life-changing

GOOGLE Chrome is packed with hidden shortcuts that you’ve probably missed. Even long-time Chrome aficionados are unlikely to know every single trick. 1 Make sure you’re making the most of Google Chrome with its clever shortcutsCredit: Google Thankfully Google has pages of lists with every […]

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Our Big Tech Overlords Yanked Yet Another Covid Video We Apparently Can’t Handle

YouTube has pulled yet another Project Veritas video. The now-infamous video of Jordon Trishton Walker, Pfizer’s director of research and development in strategic operations and mRNA scientific planning, giving up information on #DirectedEvolution and Pfizer’s plan to continue profiting from the Covid vaccines is still […]

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It’s Official: The 118th Congress Will Do Jack All To Stop Big Tech’s Abuses

“Republican House Shifting Tech Focus From Antitrust To Censorship, More Investigations.” “More investigations.” That was the headline last week from Sinclair’s National Desk, making it official: The Republicans of the 118th Congress intend to do precisely jack all to effectively rein in the most powerful […]

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