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My 3-ingredient recipe could grow your hair by 3 inches in a matter of days – Japanese women swear by it for silky locks

RAPID hair growth is possible with this boosting tonic. Japanese women swear by this recipe and credit it for their silky locks. 5 TikTok user Natural Hair & Beauty revealed their 3-ingredient hair tonicCredit: TikTok/myhealthandbeautyrecipes 5 They said it grow you hair by inches in […]

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My Valentine’s Day chocolate raspberry shake is packed with anti-aging ingredients – it’s great for skin and hair

A FITNESS influencer has shared a chocolate raspberry shake recipe jam-packed with anti-aging benefits. She said the sweet treat may be healthy but it sure won’t taste like it. 4 Kiana, a fitness influencer, shared her recipe for a Valentine’s chocolate raspberry shakeCredit: TikTok/kianatom 4 […]

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‘I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s a game-changer for nails & hair,’ shoppers rave over $18 collagen boost supplement

BEAUTY enthusiasts have revealed they are happy with a great-tasting creamer. The vanilla-flavored collagen boost can be added to your morning coffee, matcha, tea, or smoothies. 2 Some said they were not exaggerating the benefits of a collagen supplementCredit: GOLDE Golde’s Collagen Boost Creamer Hair […]

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I’m a celeb stylist, there’s an ingredient that’s making your hair ‘crack & split’ but the natural version boosts growth

A CELEBRITY hairstylist who’s worked with Gwyneth Paltrow and Vanessa Williams has warned what could be causing your hair loss. Chaz Dean, who also founded Wen haircare, said that one common ingredient can cause “cracking and splitting.” 12 The celeb hairstylist who has famous clients […]

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