The Biden Administration Is Deporting A Christian Family, But Not Millions Of Illegal Immigrants

The Biden administration is deporting a Christian family from Germany who legitimately fears persecution and should qualify for asylum, while allowing 99 percent of illegal immigrants to stay in the U.S., most of whom likely do not qualify for asylum. Uwe and Hannelore Romeike reportedly fled Germany in 2008 […]

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Migrant Interviews Debunk Biden DHS’ False Talking Point About Cartel ‘Disinformation’ 

AUSTIN, Texas – In government communiques, press conferences, and congressional hearings under oath, top Biden administration officials have repeatedly blamed a particular bogeyman for the unrelenting, historic southern-border mass-migration crisis now into its third year: human smugglers who spread “disinformation” that the border is “open.”  […]

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Corporate Media Distract From Biden’s Border Catastrophe With Mayorkas’ Deliberately Dishonest ‘Drop’ In Arrests Narrative

President Joe Biden’s border crisis is rapidly turning into a border catastrophe, but you wouldn’t know that from corporate media headlines which blared early Monday morning that the administration’s decision to end Title 42 resulted in a drop in illegal crossings. The death of the […]

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Biden DHS Is Literally Inviting Mexican Officials To Send Batches Of Illegal Aliens Across The Border

Instead of stopping the illegal aliens currently swarming the border thanks to the upcoming expiration of Title 42 — a pandemic-era policy that allowed Border Patrol to immediately expel illegal migrants upon first encounter — the Biden administration is actively facilitating unlawful entries into the […]

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