Elena Arenas fans say ‘I think you messed up’ as LSU star shows off ‘best work’ alongside Olivia Dunne in new video

LSU star Elena Arenas has given best friend Olivia Dunne a fan-dividing makeover. The gymnast, 21, showed off her ‘best work’ makeup skills during a coach journey to this weekend’s Denver National. 6 Olivia Dunne (right) and Elena Arenas are on their way to DenverCredit: […]

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Inside ‘canceled’ Adin Ross’ most controversial moments from ‘supporting’ Andrew Tate to friend’s ‘racial slur’

YOUTUBER and streamer Adin Ross has garnered controversy throughout his online career – from his supposed association with Andrew Tate to several bans from streaming platforms. Adin, 22, has been making videos on YouTube since 2014 but really found his niche in 2019 when he […]

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Andreea Dragoi labeled ‘next Olivia Dunne’ soaks up California sun as fans claim she’ll ‘need wheelbarrow for NIL money’

COLLEGE swimming star Andreea Dragoi left fans speechless as she soaked up the California sun. The San Jose sensation, 20, is currently in her sophomore year and has been compared to LSU gymnast Olivia Dunne. 6 Andreea Dragoi has drawn comparisons with LSU star Olivia […]

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Greta Thunberg responds for first time to Andrew Tate trafficking charges and claims influencer felt ‘threatened’ by her

ECO-warrior Greta Thunberg has spoken out for the first time since Andrew Tate was arrested on human trafficking charges. Days before the arrest, misogynist influencer Tate got into an online spat with 19-year-old Greta after he bragged about his collection of exhaust-belching cars. 6 Swedish […]

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Olivia Dunne reveals real reason behind ‘mysterious’ TikTok ban that left fans ‘ready to cry’

LSU superstar Olivia Dunne frightened fans after her TikTok account mysteriously vanished. The college gymnast, 20, is one of the country’s most followed athletes on social media. 6 Olivia Dunne is one of the country’s most recognizable sport influencersCredit: Instagram @livvydunne 6 The LSU gymnast […]

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