Joe Biden

House Judiciary Finds Biden DOJ Had ‘No Legitimate Basis’ To Target Parents As ‘Terrorists’

House Republicans on the Judiciary Committee found the Biden administration had “no legitimate basis” for deploying counterterrorism resources against concerned parents who showed up at school board meetings, a Tuesday report concluded. The House Judiciary Committee published the interim staff report with the Select Subcommittee […]

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Gun Control Is Joe Biden’s Safe Space

When things are going poorly, Joe Biden usually heads out for another gun-control push, issuing executive orders, demanding more legislation, and repeating many of his most preposterous anecdotes and claims. Because Biden’s gun rhetoric offers little more than emotionalism, it doesn’t have to make much […]

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Inside The ‘Ideological’ Bank Profiting Off Democrat Dollars And Funneling The Money Back To Leftist Causes

Amalgamated Bank, with just five branches across three cities, would seem an unlikely mover and shaker in the world of Wall Street, let alone Washington, D.C. Yet last fall, it successfully pressured colossal credit card companies Visa, Mastercard, and American Express to use the financial system […]

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