People are realizing a hugely popular discontinued Walmart snack has an exact dupe – and they say ‘the search is over’

DISAPPOINTED WALMART shoppers have concluded that ‘the search is over’ after an exact dupe of a popular discontinued item has been found. Walmart customers have been “sad” about the loss of the retailer’s own brand peanut butter cups. 3 Some people were shocked that Walmart […]

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Furious Kroger customers blast supermarket’s ‘skyrocketing, ridiculous prices and empty shelves’

CUSTOMERS who shop at Kroger are not happy with the supermarket chain as their prices have allegedly “skyrocketed.” Shopping enthusiast Danno, who goes by the handle AdventureswithDanno, claims that Kroger has higher prices than normal on some items. 2 Grocery deals aficionado Danno (pictured) has […]

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Kroger, Albertsons and Stop & Shop slammed for leaving shoppers out in the cold on major savings – are you impacted?

A GROUP of grocery retailers has been slammed over keeping shoppers in the dark on savings. Kroger, Albertsons, and Stop & Shop are among the stores accused of using “digital only” promotions, which don’t cover their entire customer base. 1 Major grocery retailers have reportedly […]

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