If Big Brother And Big Tech Can Team Up To Violate Political Opponents’ Privacy Over J6, They Can Do The Same To You

Google gave the feds the personal data of nearly 1,500 individuals based on cell phone location data indicating their presence near the Capitol complex on Jan. 6, 2021. The Department of Justice sought substantially more information, as well, according to a recent court filing, including […]

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Judge Strikes Biden DOJ’s ‘Burdensome’ Bully Tactics Against Opponents Of Trans Surgeries For Kids

A federal judge in Alabama quashed the invasive subpoena the Biden administration served on the conservative Eagle Forum and Southeast Law Institute, holding the material sought from the nonprofits fell outside the scope of discovery relevant to the Department of Justice’s lawsuit challenging Alabama’s law […]

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Court Ruling On Federal Financial ‘Watchdog’ Is Another Blow For Unconstitutional Bureaucratic Agencies

In 1925, President Calvin Coolidge said that “government control cannot be divorced from political control.” That piece of his governing philosophy put Coolidge at odds with the progressives of his own day, who believed a neutral, technocratic government was not only possible but desirable. Their […]

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