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Democrat Produces Video Alleging Bridgeport Mayor Stole Election By Stuffing Ballot Boxes

According to the Brookings Institution, “There is no evidence that mail ballots increase electoral fraud.” USA Today purports to “fact check” the “False claim that mail-in voting is connected to bad actors, fraudulent ballots.” The Brennan Center for Justice informs us, “Extensive research reveals that […]

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Virginia Dems’ Ballot Harvesting Manual Instructs Going After Dead People, ‘Bad’ Addresses

The Virginia Democratic Party is instructing activists to include deceased citizens and “bad” addresses when generating voter contact lists, The Federalist has learned. A pivotal tool Virginia Dems use to target voters for their ballot harvesting and get-out-the-vote efforts is VoteBuilder, an online database of […]

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A Milwaukee Election Official’s Firing, Fraudulent Ballots, And Felony Charge Fuel WI Scandal Right Before Midterms

MADISON, Wis. — As Milwaukee’s second-highest-ranking elections official faces charges in the city’s latest election scandal, the lawmaker she targeted is asking a critical question: Why would Kimberly Zapata risk her job, her excellent benefits, and her freedom when she could have just stepped forward […]

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FL Democrat Election Official Claimed He Didn’t Know Anything About Ballot-Harvesting Problems. This Video Says Otherwise

When news broke that Florida’s election crimes division had recommended state police launch an investigation into an alleged ballot-trafficking scheme in Orange County, the local supervisor of elections claimed he was completely unaware of any issues regarding the practice. But a newly unearthed video shows […]

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RNC Sues Pennsylvania For Telling Counties To Break Election Law By Counting Faulty Mail-In Ballots

Shortly after Pennsylvania’s acting Secretary of State Leigh Chapman told counties that they should ignore election law and a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that effectively said mail-in ballots without proper dates can’t be counted, the Republican National Committee announced a lawsuit against the Commonwealth. As The Federalist […]

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