5 Benefits Of Marrying Long Before You Own A House And Establish A Successful Career

Amanda Marcotte, a feminist writer infamous for describing Hallmark movies as “fascist propaganda,” penned an article in the Salon on Tuesday warning young women not to marry young. Using the Lauren Boebert “Beetlejuice” theater scandal as a hook, Marcotte argued that, “Marrying someone off before […]

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Mary Harrington’s ‘Feminism Against Progress’ Opens An Escape Hatch For The Sexual Revolution’s Prey

It’s not surprising marriage and a child catalyzed Mary Harrington into a rich observer of the human condition. Her experience shows it’s dangerous to encourage delayed family formation because that connects people to reality. Slowly accepting her body’s uniquely female capacities and consequently undergoing a […]

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My husband said my outfit looks like a ‘potato sack’ but I don’t care, women think I look ‘cute’

SINCE the dawn of time, wives have chosen cute little outfits and husbands have responded with confusion. One woman was surprised by her man’s mean comment about her ensemble, but nevertheless, she persisted. 3 Melissa Gitt is an Arizona-based fashion and lifestyle bloggerCredit: TikTok/alwaysmeliss 3 […]

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