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Government’s COVID Lockdowns Spiked Global Rates Of Anxiety And Depression By More Than A Quarter

A new study out Friday revealed that global rates of anxiety and depression soared by more than a quarter over the course of the coronavirus pandemic. According to the report, authored by a worldwide team of academics led by Dr. Damian Santomauro at Australia’s University of Queensland, researchers attributed 53 million new cases of major depressive disorder and 76 million…

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This Is The Instagram Crisis That No One Is Talking About

It’s been a month of reckoning for Instagram and its parent Facebook. Two weeks ago, the Wall Street Journal published a report examining the toll Instagram takes on teens’ mental health and self-image, especially among young girls. “Thirty-two percent of teen girls said that when they felt bad about their bodies, Instagram made them feel worse,” internal researchers at Instagram…

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Lockdowns Force Autistic Kids To Be Lab Rats In A Failed Experiment

Corporate media has showered much attention on how many lives the COVID-19 lockdowns “saved.” Certainly common sense dictates that whenever you isolate people, the spread of any communicable disease will be curtailed. Longer-term negative impacts, however, are harder to quantify. How many women, for example, may soon have to confront the grim prospect of a more advanced breast cancer that…

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How Can Relaxation Strategies Help Manage My Chronic Condition?

What Is Stress, And Why Is It Important To Manage It? Harvard Health explains that the body experiences a stress response, or ‘fight or flight response,’ when it is preparing to face or avoid danger. The stress response can be useful when we encounter challenging situations, but can contribute to anxiety and depression when triggered by mundane concerns about our…

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