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Five Britney Spears memoir bombshells from sex life revelations before first dates to post-abortion break-up letter

BRITNEY Spears’ bombshell new memoir hasn’t been published yet, but it’s already sent shockwaves around the world. The Gimme More star, 41, is set to lay bare her love life, family rifts, and heartbreaking struggles under a decade-long controversial mental health conservatorship. 4 Britney Spears […]

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I’m being forced to live in a tent outside of government buildings – and community is growing

DOZENS of people have gathered in tents outside the Confederation Building in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada to protest housing issues. Canadians without permanent housing have setup an encampment outside the government building to show the impact of homelessness. 4 Penny Mutrey questioned what she should […]

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To Fix Homelessness, Stop Fixating On Housing

Homelessness affects cities across the country, but it’s not just a local issue, though media cover it that way. Nor is homelessness mainly about housing; rather, it’s largely about untreated mental illness and drug addiction. Consistently misdiagnosed, homelessness is being wrongly addressed. And the policies that […]

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