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Multiple Powerball lottery players with wrong numbers still win jackpot – time ticket was checked key to getting prize

A NUMBER of lucky lottery players mistakenly won Powerball prizes after an error listed the incorrect winning numbers. The Iowa Lottery scrambled to fix the “human error” that saw early risers wrongly collect prizes on Tuesday morning. 2 Some Powerball players in Iowa were able […]

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4th stimulus check update 2023 — Millions to get payments up to $300 from $2.8billion pot in days – see if you qualify

Rebates expected in just days Thousands of Americans are in line to receive cash worth up to $300 – but requirements must be met. This summer, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey signed a $393 million rebate package into law. It includes one-time direct payments worth $150 for individuals and $300 for couples. The package […]

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HomeGoods confirms return policy change and shoppers have two important dates to watch to get money back

HOMEGOODS has confirmed it will extend its returns for the holiday shopping season. During the holidays, consumer shopping typically increases as customers are scrambling to get their last-minute gifts. 1 HomeGoods has just extended its return policy for the holiday seasonCredit: Getty Plus, Black Friday […]

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One-off payment worth $10,000 from $2 million pot available to help buy a home – see if you’re eligible for free money

CALIFORNIA homebuyers could get up to $10,000 if they meet certain criteria. The $2 million fund for housing affordability is offering cash to first-time homebuyers. 1 First-time homebuyers who are eligible can applyCredit: Getty The grant program by the California Association of Realtors, CAR, is […]

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Walmart is selling a ‘best buy’ $20 gadget so you can save $100s on energy bills & customers say it’s a ‘great purchase’

SHOPPERS have called a Black+Decker heater from Walmart their top buy of the holiday season, and it’s currently on sale. Walmart has been a hot spot for tools to keep homes warm and cozy this winter. 1 Shoppers have called this heater their best purchaseCredit: […]

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Inflation rate dips to 3.2% but it’s still bad news for shoppers with no relief in food prices for bread, milk and eggs

GROCERY prices have moderately hiked in the past month, further increasing pressures on millions of Americans. October’s Consumer Price Index (CPI) showed prices rose at 3.2%, the biggest cooldown since July and a moderation from September’s 3.7%. 1 Grocery price hikes cooled moderately in OctoberCredit: […]

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‘There’s something more going on here’ say police after new crackdown law introduced to fight theft at Best Buy & Target

COPS reckon “there’s something more going on” amid spiralling shoplifting complaints. Investigators have spoken out after a new crackdown law was introduced to fight rampant theft at retailers such as Best Buy and Target. 3 Retailers are trying to stop crime in their shops amid […]

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Lottery warning to check Powerball tickets for $100,000 unclaimed prize and it was bought at a restaurant

LOTTERY officials are telling people to double check their Powerball tickets, as a $100,000 prize remains unclaimed. The winning Powerball lottery ticket was recently sold in Fountain Hills, Arizona at a restaurant. 2 The $100,000 Arizona Powerball winning ticket remains unclaimedCredit: AP The Powerball ticket […]

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I’m a lawyer – Walmart workers have the right to ask for your receipt but beware of ‘escalation’ in stricter states

CUSTOMERS are allowed to refuse to show their receipt, however, there can be consequences, a lawyer has said. Attorney Bryan Waldman addressed “shopkeeper’s privilege” when speaking about what could happen should Walmart shoppers refuse to show their receipt. 2 Attorney Bryan Waldman discussed ‘shopkeeper’s privilege’ […]

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