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New energy bill relief payments worth up to $1,000 to go out to struggling Americans in weeks – can you claim?

MILLIONS of Americans will soon receive payments up to $1,000 to help them with high energy bills. Nuclear electric power generation company Entergy has announced a pledge to commit $3.2million to helping Mississipians pay for high gas prices. 1 Millions of Mississippians will benefit from […]

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I’m a Harvard statistician – I’ve worked out the only way to guarantee winning a Mega Millions lottery jackpot

A HARVARD statistician did the math on a strategy that will result in lottery winnings. While Professor Mark Glickman calls it “guaranteed,” keep in mind that making a profit is never a foregone conclusion. 2 Professor Mark Glickman has shared a guaranteed lottery-winning strategy, but […]

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Brand new $300 direct payments to go out to Americans this month thanks to $2billion pot approval – do you qualify?

IDAHO residents can expect $300 direct payments as Governor Brad Little signed legislation on spending the state’s $2billion surplus. The Idaho State Legislature held a special session Thursday, September 1 to discuss income tax rebates and additional funding for public education. 1 The proposed legislation […]

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