Major parking crackdown to ‘end Spring break chaos’ at vacation hotspot – you’ll have to pay $516 if you break new laws

FOR years, chaos has filled beachfront streets during college Spring break – city officials are lodging $500 fines to dissuade unruly guests. Miami officials launched new parking rules ahead of an expected influx of thousands of vacationing college students. 1 Miami officials are strengthening parking […]

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‘Surprised people didn’t notice this!’ drivers says after uncovering hidden feature to seamlessly sync phone to your car

DRIVERS are raving over Android Auto’s new feature that connects your phone to your car in one simple motion. Android Auto has brought revolutionary new features to their system that make everything easier for drivers. 2 Android Auto’s new feature allows drivers to connect their […]

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I’m a car expert – save money at the dealership by saying no to specific add-on – it won’t affect your trade in value

A CAR-buying mentor reckons you can save big money – by shunning specific add-ons. Caving in to pressure from pushy salespeople will never boost trade-in values later on, she added. 2 The self-described “car mama” warned that spending big on extras at the dealership won’t […]

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