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I sued the lottery for failing to pay out a $5.8m jackpot – I ended up without the cash because of a crucial requirement

A CLUELESS man sued the lottery after he was denied his payout of $5.8million all because he missed a crucial requirement. Connecticut resident Clarence Jackson struck out on the once-in-a-lifetime exchange when he missed the deadline to claim his multi-million dollar winnings. 2 Clarence Jackson […]

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Unclaimed lottery jackpot worth $1.65million is set to expire – check your tickets for the winning numbers

AN UNCLAIMED lottery jackpot ticket worth $1.65million is set to expire. Pennsylvania officials are warning residents to check their tickets for the winning numbers. 1 The state can take the unclaimed funds in certain circumstancesCredit: Getty While the winning numbers from the December 16, 2021 […]

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