Joy Taylor leaves Fox Sports colleagues speechless with passionate Draymond Green rant and hits out at lack of ‘respect’

FOX Sports star Joy Taylor believes the Golden State Warriors felt disrespected following the Draymond Green suspension. The 36-year-old  Speak cohost stated she thinks the Warriors took the NBA decision to suspend Green as a personal challenge and a lack of “respect” for the dynasty. 2 Taylor […]

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I’m a former dominant NBA center who became cattle farmer with 300-acre ranch after back injury ended my career

BRYANT Reeves dominated in the paint over six NBA seasons, using his seven-foot, 290-pound frame to outmuscle fellow big men. But injuries cut the former Vancouver Grizzlies star’s career short and so he turned to raising cattle at his dreamed-of ranch in a secluded Oklahoma […]

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Shaq left speechless as NBA player who ‘nobody knows name’ of ‘saves’ Dunk Contest with ‘iconic’ performance

NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal was left stunned after Mac McClung’s historic Dunk Contest triumph. The former Laker, 50, declared that the G-League guard’s performance ‘saved’ the competition in Salt Lake City. 4 Mac McClung put in a stunning performance to win NBA Dunk ContestCredit: Getty […]

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