Neighbour rows

My neighbors’ noisy new habit is making my life a misery – the sound is ‘maddening’ and has no place in our quiet street

A NEWLY-installed pickleball court has caused some neighbors to publicly complain about the noise. Concerns over the courts have also prompted residents in another Seattle neighborhood to speak out. 3 Residents have banded together to get 35,000 signatures on a petition against pickleball courtsCredit: KOMO […]

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My business has been ruined by a new ‘neighbor’ – people now pee on the street and poo in the parking lot, it’s insane

A BUSINESSMAN has claimed their establishment is being ruined by a new neighbor, with some people allegedly hanging around outside and defecating in the streets and parking lot. In Natchez, Mississippi, about 100 miles southwest of Jackson near the Mississippi River, antique shop owner Richard […]

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