Despite Growing Opposition And Serious Problems At Home, Democrats Make Ukraine Funding Their Top Priority

Congress averted a government shutdown this weekend, agreeing to 45 days of funding to give members time to pass appropriations bills for the full year. Incredibly, Democrats seemed prepared to shut down the government over their desire for increases in Ukraine war funding. Republicans, by […]

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Ukraine Is Neocons’ Last Gasp

The Washington Post on Aug. 15, 2023, in a story by Mariana Alfaro, writes about Bill Kristol’s launch of “Republicans for Ukraine,” which is using a $2 million ad campaign “to get congressional Republicans to commit to continue funding aid for Ukraine ahead of what is likely to be […]

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Republican Voters Don’t Have An Appetite For Neoconservatism, And Mike Pompeo’s Failed Presidential Aspirations Proves It

After months of speculation, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced on Friday that he will not seek the 2024 Republican presidential nomination. During a recent interview on “Special Report with Bret Baier,” Pompeo revealed he and his wife had “come to the conclusion that […]

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Hawley Slams Uniparty’s ‘Blank Check’ Foreign Policy And Ukraine ‘Proxy War,’ Urges Focus On No. 1 Threat Red China

Sen. Josh Hawley wants GOP warmongers and leftist globalists to know that funneling American taxpayer dollars to Ukraine instead of addressing the rising threat that is communist China is a huge mistake. Contrary to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s on-the-record declaration that “Defeating the Russians […]

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