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Media Slander GOP States As ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ For Rejecting Voter Database That Compels Pro-Democrat Outreach

After Florida, Missouri, and West Virginia announced last week that they would be withdrawing from the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC), a leftist-controlled group that fuels partisan voter outreach under the guise of simple voter roll maintenance, Democrats and their allies in the corporate media […]

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D.C. Journalist Proves Biden Did Absolutely Nothing Wrong By Assuming He Did Absolutely Nothing Wrong

If the entire news media, plus Biden’s vindictive Justice Department, hadn’t put the country through months of insanity over the petty “confidential documents” drama at Mar-a-Lago, Biden’s own scandal of having illegally retained government material when he was a private citizen would be a pretty […]

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All I Want For Christmas Is Justice For The Dobbs Leaker, But John Roberts Is Gifting Leftists With Conspiracy Theory Fodder Instead

It’s been 233 days since the U.S. Supreme Court’s draft majority opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization was leaked, and Americans are still no closer to learning the identity of the individual responsible. Published in Politico on May 2, the draft opinion prematurely […]

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Politico Ignores Huge Risks Of Child ‘Transition’ To Push Kids Toward Castration Instead Of Real Care

Politico published what it called a “Special Report” over the weekend, chronicling the experiences of families with transgender-identifying youths who have moved because of state laws that place restrictions on wrong-sex treatments for underage children. As when reading all corporate media coverage, readers should ask: […]

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