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‘This is wack!’ fumes Walmart customer boycotting store for Target due to ‘stressful’ shopping and checkout hurdles

A WALMART customer has claimed he is boycotting his local store in favor of another major retailer due to stressful shopping experiences and annoying checkout hurdles. As Walmart and over retailers have cracked down on theft and pushed the use of self-checkout machines, many customers […]

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‘Incredibly concerned,’ says Walgreens customer as store announces sudden closure with just a sign on the door

RESIDENTS have been concerned about their prescriptions after their local Walgreens announced a sudden closure. Walgreens shoppers in Fort Wayne, Indiana were stunned after finding out their local pharmacy will close on February 20, while reading a sign on the store’s door. 1 Walgreens announced […]

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I worked at Dairy Queen – they don’t advertise it, but Pumpkin Pie Blizzard uses an ingredient you might not expect

DAIRY Queen’s popular dessert is made with a surprising ingredient, according to a former worker. TikTok has transformed into the latest destination where juicy employee secrets are spilled on how food food really gets made. 1 A TikToker who claimed to work at Dairy Queen […]

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