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Elon Musk ‘discusses putting Twitter behind paywall’ after layoffs and threats to ban users from impersonating others

ELON Musk has reportedly discussed putting the entire Twitter website behind a paywall after bringing massive layoffs to the company. The company is now reportedly trying to coax recently laid-off employees back as Musk continues to shock advertisers and onlookers with huge decisions, according to […]

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Sharing your Netflix password is about to be a thing of the past with major changes – how to avoid paying extra charges

AFTER years of users freely distributing their Netflix passwords, the streaming service is cracking down on profile sharing. Netflix shared in a letter to shareholders that they will begin to “monetize account-sharing.” 1 Netflix will institute a cheaper plan with ads as it aims to […]

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Mysterious shifts in Earth’s magnetic field ‘predict’ California earthquakes as scientists prepare for ‘the Big One’

RESEARCHERS have explored a methodology for predicting earthquakes that keys in on activity occurring in the nearby magnetic field. Earthquakes represent a threat assessment challenge because they are rare occurrences, but can be catastrophically damaging. 1 Earthquakes normally occur at the points where two tectonic […]

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Shocking Uber hack compromises entire computer network with ‘NSFW message and pornographic image sent to employees’

A SHOCKING Uber hack has left their computer system compromised as a not-safe-for-work message and pornographic image were allegedly sent to employees. Uber is reportedly investigating the situation as many of the company’s systems have been taken offline. 1 Uber’s computer systems have reportedly been […]

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Major blow for Elon Musk as Starlink broadband is REJECTED by authorities and users may struggle to access it

SPACEX has been denied its near-billion-dollar subsidy for Starlink broadband services. The bid, received in December of 2020 from the Federal Communications Commission, would have allowed the company to be a service provider to 35 underserved internet states. 2 Elon Musk’s SpaceX company Starlink was […]

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Mom sues Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta claiming seven-year-old daughter’s Facebook addiction drove her to self-harm

A MOM is suing Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta, claiming that her daughter’s Facebook addiction that started at seven year-old, drove her to self-harm. Cecilia Tesch from Pueblo, Colorado had claimed that her now 13-year-old developed multiple mental and physical hardships because of her obsession with Facebook. […]

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Creepy artificial intelligence spotted creating its own science that even human experts don’t understand

TECH TAKEOVER A CREEPY artificial intelligence left scientists puzzled after discovering physics that even professionals still don’t understand. Physics is one of the more rigid disciplines in science with complex equations and exact measurements for secrets to be revealed.  4 A creepy AI has baffled […]

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