Southern border shows a ‘disturbing’ failure in Joe Biden’s duty to Americans slams youngest Dem presidential candidate

THE migration crisis at the southern border marks a disturbing dereliction of Joe Biden’s presidential responsibilities, a rival Democratic candidate has told The U.S. Sun. Jason Palmer, the youngest Democrat in the race at age 52, said the border needs to be modernized and revealed […]

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Maura Murray who vanished after crash ‘didn’t run into nearby woods’, PI says – 3 eerie reasons theory ‘doesn’t add up’

A PRIVATE investigator has shared what he thought could have happened to Maura Murray 20 years after she vanished. Lou Barry has worked with the Murray family to help get answers as to what happened to the University of Massachusetts-Amherst student who disappeared in 2004. […]

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Ridiculous new menopause guidance is a step backwards – the last thing women need is to be treated like a liability

I DON’T like to shout about my age these days but there’s no denying that I’m firmly out of the baby-making category and hurtling head-first towards the menopause camp. “The change” can, for some, be ­problematic and even debilitating, but now thanks to campaigners and […]

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‘It’s so messed up,’ says Lyft driver who watched $500 disappear in an instant – all he did was accept a ride request

A LYFT driver has been scammed out of his hard-earned money after being told that his account was being suspended due to a bad review. Caine Hager, of Denver, Colorado, enjoys providing transportation to people without cars and interacting with her customers. 2 A Lyft […]

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Bizarre ultra-lux £400m superyacht shaped like giant SWAN complete with retractable head & ‘beak’ viewing deck

A BIZARRE design for a £400million superyacht shaped like a giant swan includes a retractable “head” and a viewing deck “beak”. Dubbed the “Avanguardia”, the 449ft sea titan is set to revolutionise the luxury vessel market. 8 The ‘Avanguardia is an ultra-lux £400m superyacht shaped […]

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Travis Kelce is slammed for taking selfies holding beer hours after deadly Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl parade shooting

CHIEFS tight end Travis Kelce has been slammed as insensitive for posing for selfies with police officers while holding a beer outside a bar hours after the team’s deadly Super Bowl victory parade. Kelce was pictured dressed in a red tracksuit and white hat, throwing […]

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