In Our World Of Corporate Governance, ‘Misinformation’ Fines Like PayPal’s Are The Norm, Not The Exception

Last week PayPal, the financial technology giant, released a policy update indicating that the payment processor had the ability to sanction the accounts of users who spread “misinformation” or presented risks to the “wellbeing” of other PayPal users. These sanctions were to manifest in the […]

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When Corporate America Pulls A PayPal, There’s No Escaping The Digital Gulag

Last week, PayPal published a new user agreement that would allow the company to debit up to $2,500 from a user’s account for engaging in “restricted activities,” including spreading “misinformation.”  The announcement drew much criticism, including from one of PayPal’s cofounders, David Marcus, who tweeted, “@Paypal’s new […]

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