‘Misinformation’ Is The Vocabulary Of A Culture That Has Lost Its Capacity To Discuss ‘Truth’

In a preliminary injunction issued against the White House and federal agencies on Tuesday in Missouri v. Biden, Judge Terry Doughty eviscerated government actors for colluding with social media companies to censor users’ protected speech in the name of eliminating “misinformation.” Doughty, as others have […]

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Don’t Give Up On Conservatism

This is a strange time for conservatives to despair of conservatism. We just won a generational legal victory by overturning Roe v. Wade, and abortion facilities are closing in state after state. Republicans are poised for electoral triumph in the midterms, and the Supreme Court […]

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How Much Porn Do Libraries And Schools Have To Sponsor To Get Defunded?

The latest big flare-up over public education institutions sponsoring explicit sexual materials for kids occurred in Dearborn, Michigan, on Thursday. The community’s majority-Muslim school parents pitched a royal fit at two school board meetings last week over homosexual and transsexual books for kids on public […]

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