political prosecution

Judge In Fulton County Trump Case Reveals How Dangerous This Prosecution Is To Our Country

Did former President Donald Trump ask then-Assistant Attorney General Jeff Clark’s legal opinion concerning Department of Justice options for addressing voting irregularities in Georgia, or did Clark volunteer his legal analysis on the question without the president’s prompting? The federal judge presiding over Clark’s removal […]

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Whistleblowers Expose FBI’s Corruption And Ongoing Persecution Of Political Opponents In Damning New Testimony

In an explosive House committee hearing on Thursday, several whistleblowers accused the FBI of engaging in a bevy of highly corrupt and partisan activity, including manipulation of statistics, targeting political opponents, and retaliating against whistleblowers seeking to expose the agency’s corruption. The revelations come days […]

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DOJ Strategically Timed Political Arrest To Coincide With Press Conference Detailing Evidence Of Biden Corruption

The Department of Justice coincidentally decided to arrest New York GOP Rep. George Santos on money laundering and other charges on Wednesday at the same time House Republicans held a press conference revealing damaging evidence about the Biden family’s corrupt, foreign business ventures. On Tuesday, […]

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