Where is Lois Riess now?

LOIS Riess committed multiple atrocities that earned her the nickname ‘The Killer Grandma.’ A Dateline episode about Lois’ heinous crimes is airing on Sunday, March 12, 2023. 2 Lois and David RiessCredit: NBC Who is Lois Riess and what crimes did she commit? Lois was […]

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Inside notorious Rikers Island prison where inmate ‘died in squalor’ as Trump exec Allen Weisselberg prepares for jail

CRIME, violence, corruption and inhumane living conditions have created a “culture of abuse” in recent years at New York’s notorious prison, Rikers Island. Torture Island, as it’s notoriously dubbed, is where former Donald Trump executive Allen Weisselberg will be housed as he’s set to be […]

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