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Media Engineers Hit Campaign From Secret Recording Of Hillsdale College President Telling The Truth About Teacher Training

A guest at a private reception last week with Hillsdale College President Larry Arnn and Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee secretly recorded the event and then sent the recording to a local media outlet. News Channel 5 then ran a hit story about Arnn’s accurate remark […]

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Schools’ New Misgendering Rules Will Create Compliant, Fearful Children Perfect For Totalitarianism

The Fairfax County School Board recently approved a policy expanding punishment for students who misgender classmates. Pronouns that accord with reality now constitute “discriminatory harassment” and can result in weekslong suspension or even a referral to law enforcement. This decision is a harbinger of things […]

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Fairfax County School Board Votes To Make It A Potential Crime To Call A Boy A Boy

Last Thursday, the school board at Fairfax County School Public Schools (FCPS) voted 8-4 to increase penalties for students who misgender or “dead-name” transgender-identifying students. This will now be classified as “discriminatory harassment,” which means offenders “could face weeks-long suspensions and referrals to local law […]

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