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Everyone can see the three vans on this country road – but you have a high IQ if you can tell which one is bigger

REDDITORS have scratched their heads trying to figure out how an optical illusion checked out, and it involved a ruler. Perspective is everything – especially in optical illusions. 4 Are all three vans the same size? It’s all a matter of perspectiveCredit: Andrew Wells Photography […]

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If you spot the cat hiding in the Christmas tree in less than nine seconds before the bauble falls you have 20/20 vision

A PET owner has left people on the internet scratching their heads after sharing a tricky optical illusion. Can you spot the cat hiding among the Christmas decorations? 6 A TikToker has challenged the internet to spot the cat hiding in their Christmas treeCredit: TikTok/tiktokthepark […]

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