Why Are Media Ignoring This Muslim Mayor’s Racism And Alleged Election Fraud In Michigan?

The mayor of Hamtramck, Michigan, Ameer Haiderah Ghalib, was recently exposed for mocking black political demonstrations and endorsing comments that referred to African Americans as “animal” and “inhuman.” He also accused Arab world leaders of being secret Jews and “liked” a Facebook post calling Jews […]

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When Black Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears Tried To Help Purge Racism From Schools, NAACP Called Her A ‘Pawn’ In White Supremacy

On May 10, Virginia’s newly elected Lt. Governor Winsome Sears released an amicus curiae brief siding with a fairer, merit-based admission system and limiting affirmative action programs. Sears showed support for the Students for Fair Admissions (SFFA) vs. Harvard and SFFA vs. University of North […]

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Media Engineers Hit Campaign From Secret Recording Of Hillsdale College President Telling The Truth About Teacher Training

A guest at a private reception last week with Hillsdale College President Larry Arnn and Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee secretly recorded the event and then sent the recording to a local media outlet. News Channel 5 then ran a hit story about Arnn’s accurate remark […]

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The Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart Insists It’s OK For Black People To Be Scared Of ‘Crazy White People’

Imagine picking up a copy of the Washington Post (as if you ever would) and reading the headline, “Why White people are afraid of ‘crazy’ Black people.” Setting aside the obvious reasons that would come to mind, you’d immediately realize you were dreaming and wake […]

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