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Maine Republicans Introduce Bill To Stop Ranked-Choice Voting From Rigging State’s Elections

Tired of ranked-choice voting (RCV) rigging their state’s elections, Maine Republicans have introduced legislation to return the state to a traditional electoral system. LD 1038, also known as “An Act to Reinstate Plurality Voting by Repealing the Ranked-choice Voting Laws,” stipulates that “the person who […]

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PolitiFact Tries To ‘Fact-Check’ A Federalist Article On Democrats’ Dark Money Election Takeover And Fails Miserably

In its latest bid to run interference for the Democrat Party, the historically dishonest, left-wing PolitiFact published a “fact-check” of a Federalist article that explores leftist nonprofits’ ploy to use private money as a means of changing local election operations to benefit Democrats. Titled, “How Georgia […]

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After Ranked-Choice Voting Rigged Their Elections, Alaska Conservatives Fight To Reclaim Democracy

In the lead-up to the 2020 election, out-of-state dark money poured into Alaska to hijack the state’s elections by tricking voters into implementing a ranked-choice voting system. Now, following a midterm election fraught with record-low turnout and confused voters, Alaska’s conservatives are fighting to take […]

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