Texas Education Board Votes To Protect Kids From ‘Sexually Explicit’ Books In School Libraries

Texas state education leaders voted 13-1 on Wednesday to keep “sexually explicit” books out of school libraries. According to the Dallas Morning News, the Texas Board of Education approved guidelines requiring school libraries to implement policies prohibiting inappropriate books. The rule requires local libraries to […]

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I’m a mum-of-four & forked out over £2k on school uniform – here’s seven tips to avoid spending a fortune like me

A MONEY-SAVING expert has shared her top tips to avoid spending a fortune on school uniform after a mum-of-four revealed she forked out a whopping £2k on uniform for her children. Prompted by a cost of living crisis, Sarah Connelly, finance expert at Cashfloat ( […]

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What is the Saturn app?

THE Saturn app was created to help high school students who grapple with keeping up an organized schedule. With this new app taking over adolescents’ lives, parents want to know more about the safety and logistics of the platform. 2 The Saturn app is a […]

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Sex education is brainwashing our kids – and we’re not even allowed to know what’s going on. It’s time to take a stand

I DON’T know about you but I’m deeply worried about the most important people on the planet – our children. Increasingly, they’re being bombarded on all sides. 2 Schools are increasingly teaching our children divisive, toxic, contentious theories that give a warped, woke view of […]

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