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I did an Oh Polly Valentine’s haul and my boyfriend rated his favorites – he gave 11/10 to a ‘lace handkerchief’ number

A FASHION fan’s Oh Polly Valentine’s haul has gone viral. She modeled her dress selection for her boyfriend, who rated his favorites. 4 TikTok user Mayridts showed off her Valentine’s haul to her boyfriendCredit: TikTok/mayridts 4 He rated each numberCredit: TikTok/mayridts His rating for a […]

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I did a Valentine’s Day try-on haul at Walmart and found the cutest pieces – there’s an iconic LBD and a red version too

A FASHION lover has celebrated Valentine’s Day with her try-on haul at Walmart. She was tickled pink after she found the cutest pieces. 8 TikTok user Jaycie and her Walmart Valentine’s haulCredit: TikTok/jayciekathleen3 8 There was a heart theme to this collectionCredit: TikTok/jayciekathleen3 From sleepwear […]

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I’m a 32DD and did a Skims ‘raw edge’ haul – I didn’t know I’d like it as much as I did, the starry shirt was so cute

A FASHION influencer has picked up Skims’ latest Raw Edge collection. She was even more obsessed with the pieces once she saw them in person. 4 Stephanie, a 32DD-cup fashion influencer, showed off her latest Skims haulCredit: TikTok/stephanie.lauer 4 She picked up a few lounge […]

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Home Bargains fans racing to buy ‘huge’ Stanley Cup dupe that’s £40 cheaper than the real deal – & it’s ‘insulated’ too

CASH-SAVVY shoppers are scrambling to their nearest Home Bargains after spotting a dupe of the cult favourite Stanley Cup that’s just a fraction of the price. Available in a range of colours, Stanley Cups have become all the rage on social media – but if […]

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