I’m a hot gym girl, people say I make them ‘question their sexuality’ with my glute workouts

A GYM girl has people questioning their sexuality after sharing her glute workouts. Korpo (@korpobrownskin), a fitness influencer, shared her workout routine in a video with over 650,000 TikTok followers. 2 Korpo, a fitness influencer, shared her glute workout that had people ‘questioning their sexuality’Credit: […]

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I got dress-coded at Target for my distressed jeans – they said I can’t wear them again but I don’t see the problem

A TARGET employee was shamed for one piece of clothing she wore to work. TikTok user @Toadsucker42069 admitted to being dress coded while she was working at Target for wearing distressed jeans, but she doesn’t understand why. 2 A Target employee got in trouble for […]

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