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My 3-ingredient recipe could grow your hair by 3 inches in a matter of days – Japanese women swear by it for silky locks

RAPID hair growth is possible with this boosting tonic. Japanese women swear by this recipe and credit it for their silky locks. 5 TikTok user Natural Hair & Beauty revealed their 3-ingredient hair tonicCredit: TikTok/myhealthandbeautyrecipes 5 They said it grow you hair by inches in […]

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My Amazon must-have is great for preventing sweaty boobs in the summer – it’s ‘goated’ for preventing ‘swoob marks’

A SUMMER-READY woman has revealed her must have product for preventing sweat marks. She said her Holy Grail purchase from Amazon keeps her boobs from getting too sweaty. 2 Alyson Boekholder is a digital content creator who posts lifestyle-related videos on TikTokCredit: TikTok/ @alyboeks Alyson […]

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