We live next to Target – emergency forced the store to close & now we’ve been told to evacuate, I’m scared for our home

HOMEOWNERS who live near a Target that had to shut down for an emergency have been asked to voluntarily evacuate their homes.  A Target in Barboursville, West Virginia, started to have structural concerns after a landslip caused multiple utility issues. 3 The West Virginia Target […]

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The $4.29 ‘strong smelling’ spray that people say gets rid of mold in minutes – but it depends where you apply it

MOLDY situations have cost Americans a lot of money to eliminate, but fortunately, these toxins don’t always require large-scale financial interventions.  Target is selling a $4.29 “strong smelling” spray that might become your household’s secret weapon, depending on where you apply it.  2 Target has […]

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‘There’s something more going on here’ say police after new crackdown law introduced to fight theft at Best Buy & Target

COPS reckon “there’s something more going on” amid spiralling shoplifting complaints. Investigators have spoken out after a new crackdown law was introduced to fight rampant theft at retailers such as Best Buy and Target. 3 Retailers are trying to stop crime in their shops amid […]

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Target shoppers call out irony after Pair of Thieves underwear locked behind glass as shoplifting rages out of control

SHOPPERS at Target have called out the irony of the retailer’s recent anti-theft decision. At a store location in White Plains, New York, about 16 miles northeast of Yonkers, employees locked the Pair of Thieves brand of underwear behind glass in continued efforts to mitigate […]

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I’m an ex-Target customer – check your receipts carefully, I got ‘ripped off’ but employees say it’s not their fault

A TARGET shopper has complained about alleged inconsistencies between the prices on the chain’s shelves and what it’s charging at the register. The TikToker claimed he was overcharged for everything from butter and milk to olive oil and kombucha. 2 A TikToker has claimed Target […]

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After Drawing Boycotts Over Pro-Trans And Pro-Satan Merch, Target Suffers First Quarterly Miss In 6 Years

Target missed the target this year on “pride month.” The retail giant reported Wednesday that it missed its second-quarter revenue goals, after the company’s pro-transgender apparel provoked a consumer backlash. Target’s controversial merchandise included “pride” apparel for babies, “tuck-friendly” swimwear, and products designed by a […]

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