Elon Musk ‘discusses putting Twitter behind paywall’ after layoffs and threats to ban users from impersonating others

ELON Musk has reportedly discussed putting the entire Twitter website behind a paywall after bringing massive layoffs to the company. The company is now reportedly trying to coax recently laid-off employees back as Musk continues to shock advertisers and onlookers with huge decisions, according to […]

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Artificial intelligence discovers new life-changing drug and human trials have started already

ARTIFICIAL intelligence has discovered a new life-changing drug and human trials are already underway. The biotech company behind the breakthrough has dosed its first patient with an AI-developed treatment for ALS patients. 2 Alice Zhang, 33, is the founder of Verge Genomics, a biotech company […]

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Sharing your Netflix password is about to be a thing of the past with major changes – how to avoid paying extra charges

AFTER years of users freely distributing their Netflix passwords, the streaming service is cracking down on profile sharing. Netflix shared in a letter to shareholders that they will begin to “monetize account-sharing.” 1 Netflix will institute a cheaper plan with ads as it aims to […]

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Who is Twitch streamer Amouranth?

AMOURANTH gained popularity through her Twitch streams and pornography work. The OnlyFans star gained more popularity over the years with her diversified content. 2 Who is Amouranth? Amouranth was born on December 2, 1993, in Houston, Texas in the United States. Amouranth, real name is […]

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Mysterious shifts in Earth’s magnetic field ‘predict’ California earthquakes as scientists prepare for ‘the Big One’

RESEARCHERS have explored a methodology for predicting earthquakes that keys in on activity occurring in the nearby magnetic field. Earthquakes represent a threat assessment challenge because they are rare occurrences, but can be catastrophically damaging. 1 Earthquakes normally occur at the points where two tectonic […]

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