Creepy artificial intelligence spotted creating its own science that even human experts don’t understand

TECH TAKEOVER A CREEPY artificial intelligence left scientists puzzled after discovering physics that even professionals still don’t understand. Physics is one of the more rigid disciplines in science with complex equations and exact measurements for secrets to be revealed.  4 A creepy AI has baffled […]

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Urgent warning for PC users as bosses ‘SPY’ on employees – three ways workers are being TRACKED and how to know

A SNEAKY software that has gained popularity after the increase in remote work allows employers to watch their worker’s computer activity – sometimes without them knowing. The software, sometimes referred to as “bossware,” is a tool that can help employers measure worker productivity. 1 Companies […]

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Latest on experts fear geomatic storms could hit TODAY after solar flare explodes from Sun sparking radio blackout

A SOLAR flare explosion that led to a radio blackout and prompted experts to warn of more fallout to come today looks set to pass. Scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration originally feared the sunburst could spark a spate of geomagnetic storms on […]

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CERN’s July 5th test LIVE — Large Hadron Collider officially opened today with new particles already being discovered

THE European Organization for Nuclear Research has restarted its Large Hadron Collider today, and new observations are already being recorded. The European organization, also known as CERN, operates the largest particle physics laboratory in the world. CERN’s main function is to provide the particle accelerators and other […]

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Nasa reveals sneak peek at new space suits that first woman will wear on the Moon

A NEXT-GENERATION spacesuit has been unveiled by Nasa for future ISS and Artemis missions. The suits will be provided by Axiom Space, a private space infrastructure developer, in partnership with Collins Aerospace, an aerospace and defense products supplier. 2 This handout illustration image, courtesy of […]

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