Late-Night TV’s Unbearable Politics Isn’t About Amusing People, It’s About Indoctrinating Them

It’s no secret that the American entertainment industry is an entity almost entirely dedicated to generating profit off of the dissemination of regime-backed ideology. Unless you have the bliss of complete ignorance, you should be well acquainted with the overt virtue-signaling that saturates every album, […]

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Rishi Sunak Cabinet reshuffle news – LIVE updates as PM’s new top team begins to take shape after promise to fix Britain

RISHI Sunak has officially become Prime Minister after being invited to form a Government by the King this morning. After holding an audience with Charles III, newly appointed PM Rishi Sunak is expected to announce his new-look Cabinet this afternoon. Delivering his first official speech […]

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Vampire Academy EP Julie Plec reveals key change between Mason’s death in books & the show- and it’s good news for fans

VAMPIRE Academy showrunner Julie Plec has revealed a key difference between Mason’s death in the books and the new Peacock show. While fans have been watching the newly-released seventh episode of the TV series adaptation on Thursday, the executive producer has been dishing on the […]

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