Texas Announces Exit From Leftist-Controlled Voter-Roll ‘Management’ Group ERIC

Following the lead of other Republican-led states, Texas announced last week it will be withdrawing from the leftist-controlled voter-roll management group known as ERIC later this year. As The Federalist has previously reported, the Electronic Registration Information Center, or ERIC, is a widely used voter-roll management organization […]

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Texas Coffee Shop Known For ‘Family Friendly’ Drag Events, Handing Out Plan B Like Candy Closes Doors After Backlash

The Wolfforth, Texas coffee shop that faced immense backlash for regularly hosting sexually explicit events and handing out Plan B to minors is closing its doors. The owners of Tumbleweed and Sage Coffeehouse, which describes itself as a “brave space” business, announced this week that […]

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State-Funded University of Texas Managed Censorship Project Targeting Conservative Outlets

The Global Disinformation Index’s report blacklisting conservative outlets, such as The Federalist, New York Post, Daily Caller, and Washington Examiner, as the “riskiest” disinformation media companies was researched and written by students at the University of Texas at Austin’s Global Disinformation Lab, according to documents […]

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