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I’m an interior designer – three things that instantly make your home look cheap & these curtains scream you’re stingy

AN INTERIOR designer has revealed the three things that instantly make your home look cheap – including the curtains he’ll NEVER recommend.  Zachary suggested avoiding matching furniture sets, instead recommending a more curated look.  2 Zachary shared a list of three things that can instantly […]

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Can you reheat cooked chicken?

CHICKEN is a staple of many people’s meals.  However, some are worried about the dangers of bacteria, leaving many people wondering if it is safe to reheat cooked chicken. 1 There’s more than one way of reheating chicken Can you reheat cooked chicken? In short, […]

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I’m a driving instructor – all motorists should make sure they do a crucial thing before starting the engine

A DRIVING instructor has revealed a quick step you can take to increase your likelihood of passing a road test. The pre-licensing teacher’s TikTok instructed viewers to adjust their rearview mirror before every trip to get a full view of their environment. 2 You should be able […]

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