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Texas’s Attempt To Cut Illegal Migration Is Legally Doomed But Effective PR

Late Tuesday, federal Judge Kathleen Cardone held that Texas Gov. Greg Abbot’s executive order banning the transportation of illegal aliens within the state by anyone other than federal, state, or local officials likely runs afoul of the Supremacy Clause of the U.S. Constitution. Cardone then entered a temporary restraining order enjoining enforcement of the executive order, pending a hearing on…

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Biden Tells Illegal Aliens ‘Don’t Come’ For TV Cameras, Then Plans To End Program That Sends Illegals Home

President Joe Biden is considering ending former President Donald Trump’s Title 42 expulsion order after pressure from health officials and leftist groups to stop turning away thousands of illegal aliens at the Southern U.S. border, Axios reports. The Trump administration originally established Title 42 to keep migrants from flooding the border during the COVID-19 pandemic but the Biden administration, which…

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