‘Misinformation’ Is The Vocabulary Of A Culture That Has Lost Its Capacity To Discuss ‘Truth’

In a preliminary injunction issued against the White House and federal agencies on Tuesday in Missouri v. Biden, Judge Terry Doughty eviscerated government actors for colluding with social media companies to censor users’ protected speech in the name of eliminating “misinformation.” Doughty, as others have […]

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How To Parent Through Pride Month

“Look, Mommy! A rainbow flag!” My 4-year-old daughter excitedly pointed at a suburban front porch as we drove home from a luncheon with friends. I shifted uncomfortably in the passenger seat and paused before responding to my precocious preschooler who has a penchant for princesses, […]

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Why Humans Gawk At The Idea Of A King

I imagine that most of the English-speaking world watched at least sections of the coronation ceremony of King Charles III last weekend at Westminster Abbey. I took in the delayed broadcast on YouTube and found it fascinating for a number of reasons. Perhaps this shouldn’t […]

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