Dark Money Group Peddles Viral Disinformation To Frame GOP Senate Candidate As Clueless Elite

A left-wing dark money group masquerading as a Midwestern newspaper selectively clipped the announcement speech for a Wisconsin Senate candidate to frame the businessman as a heartless, clueless elite. Eric Hovde launched his campaign to unseat Democrat incumbent Sen. Tammy Baldwin Tuesday. Heartland Signal, a […]

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Who are Campbell and Jett Puckett?

TIKTOK stars Campbell Puckett and Jett Puckett have amassed thousands of followers online. The hyper-viral couple are dominating our TikTok feeds with their videos documenting their day-to-day of being in love. 2 TikTok influencers Campbell Puckett and Jett Puckett have amassed millions of viewsCredit: Instagram […]

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Following my three rules stops sinister ‘credential’ attack that allows criminals to ‘help themselves’ to your bank

A SINISTER type of online attack could let criminals shop on your dime. Cyber crime experts are warning users over “credential phishing,” which is easy to avoid – but can be devastating if you don’t. 1 Don’t let crooks steal your passwordsCredit: Getty Your “credentials” […]

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Sacha Baron Cohen tells TikTok ‘you’re creating biggest anti-Jew movement since Nazis’ as he leads celeb condemnation

SACHA Baron Cohen told TikTok execs they are “creating the biggest anti-Semitic movement since the Nazis” after the platform was flooded with hate content. The actor and other Jewish celebrities confronted bosses in a private call as they battle accusations TikTok has allowed a torrent […]

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NFL star George Pickens deletes all references to Pittsburgh Steelers from social media and makes ‘free me’ post

PITTSBURGH Steelers star wide receiver Geroge Pickens’s recent social media activity may suggest he wants out from the franchise. The 22-year-old second-year receiver took to his Instagram on Friday, sharing a message saying “Free me” following the Steelers 20-16 win on Thursday Night football over the Tennesee […]

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