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Biden’s Air Force Nominee Believes It’s ‘Naive’ For Service Members To Doubt The Military’s ‘Institutional Racism’

An Air Force lieutenant general nominated by President Joe Biden once claimed U.S. service members are “naive” to believe that so-called “institutional racism” and “unconscious bias” don’t affect the military. Last week, the Air Force Times reported that Biden tapped Lt. Gen. Jim Slife “to […]

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Former Defense Secretaries Knocking Tuberville’s Pentagon Abortion Policy Protest Have Major Ties To America’s Military-Industrial Complex

Former secretaries of defense attacking Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville for slow-walking President Biden’s military nominees in protest of the Pentagon’s abortion policy hold major ties with America’s military-industrial complex, according to a conservative government watchdog group. In May, seven former Defense secretaries signed a letter […]

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For The Pentagon, Subsidizing Abortions Takes Priority Over Transporting Service Members To Their Final Resting Place

The Defense Department is facing well-deserved backlash following revelations that the family of a U.S. Marine killed during Joe Biden’s failed Afghanistan withdrawal was left to transport their loved one’s remains to her final resting place without assistance from the Pentagon. On Tuesday, Rep. Cory […]

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Legal Group Demands Navy Investigate Active-Duty Drag Queen For Allegedly Violating Military Protocol

A conservative legal group is demanding the Navy launch an investigation into branch drag queen Harpy Daniels for allegedly violating existing military protocols by engaging in partisan politics and disrespecting his superiors. In a letter sent to high-ranking Naval officials on Monday, America First Legal […]

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