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Washington Post Shedding Hundreds Of Staff From Payroll After Trump Presidency And Covid Is The Reason For The Season

One of the most unintentionally hilarious quotes from the media of 2023 appeared in Thursday’s edition of the Politico Playbook newsletter. “The first reaction was shock,” an anonymous Washington Post reporter said, referring to a recent round of forced buyouts for nearly 250 staff writers […]

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Washington Post’s Ruth Marcus Finally Discovers The Problem With Political Prosecutions. It’s Too Late For That.

It’s nice that a prominent figure in the Washington media has finally made the connection that criminalizing political opposition isn’t so fun when it’s your opponent who inevitably takes power. But unfortunately for the Washington Post’s Ruth Marcus, aka Strega Nona, the realization comes a […]

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Media Gin Up Lies About Election Worker Safety To Escape Ballot-Box Accountability

Legacy media are once again parroting the debunked lie that there is a growing, widespread problem of Republicans threatening election workers. On Monday, Time Magazine published a melodramatic article about congressional Democrats’ “desperate[] push[]” to include provisions in the next federal spending bill they claim […]

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